JOHN – the signature restaurant, where guests are welcomed in a contemporary, democratic and elegant atmosphere with views of the Riga’s picturesque Viestura
Restaurant, where Chef’s synergy of attention to details and mixture of tastes are represented in original recipes. Restaurant Chef strongly believes that cooking is art and as with any masterpiece a great dish is created. All this is possible only when you put your heart and soul into the work. An open kitchen provides an opportunity to discover all the hidden jewels of cooking art process. Original technologies of a legendary and famous Josper charcoal grill will add value of natural way of cooking.

Cooking in JOHN means a marvellous flight through the different kind of flavours and consistencies. There is no fixed recipe for dish, just because the seasonality can give again and again new possibilities to try something different. This is the main reason why each restaurant visit will be unique. Everything has been carefully considered to create an elegant simplicity and an intimate atmosphere in which guests can savour the art de vivre.
History of Ausekļa street 22
John F.Kennedy – 35th president of USA.
In 1939, when the building on Ausekļa street 22 was used as USA Embassy premises, very young student of Harvard stopped by to visit the country. He stayed in a building. In his honour the restaurant today is named as restaurant John. Innovator Kennedy with his wife Jacqueline changed the impression of being USA president. His style, gracefulness, openness were admired. White house in USA for the first time was hosting several governmental dinners showing totally different approach and accessibility.

Americans, the inventors of steaks were not familiar with fine dining as such. President Roosevelt treated Queen of England with hot dogs. Kennedy made the changes. He invented the head chef position in the White house. He recruited French Chef Rene Verdon who worked in a hotel Carlyle restaurant la Caravelle – beloved place by J.F.Kennedy.

Verdon, French haute cuisine professional, working in the White house introduced people with new standards and service. His cooking technique, with attention to details surprised everyone sitting at his tables.

JOHN – it is a place where two cultures meet each other: American steaks with strong traditions and European highly developed fine dining and molecular cuisine. JOHN – it is not only Kennedy. It is a name changing the classics and time appropriate form of peoples eternal love for food.