At Restaurant JOHN we strongly believe that cooking is art and as with any masterpiece, a great dish is created when you put your heart and soul into the work.

We are ready to satisfy any epicurean cravings with a taste of chic and intimate luxury. Whether it’s an aperitif, a warm candlelit dinner, or a fresh start to the day with your favorite breakfast—it will be crafted with an eye for perfection. Treat your inner gourmand and experience fine dining at Restaurant JOHN.
Our team is mainly made up by experienced and creative young people who are not afraid to try something new. Their goal: that the food they serve meets the highest standards of quality, while they keep researching about potential resources and maintaining a relationship of mutual learning with local producers. It is a long journey to find only the best combination of various flavours therefore each team member is very important. The servings on our guest tables should always be perfect without exceptions and it is a hard teamwork.

Nothing stands still as well as our menu. Depending on seasonality Chef is serving the products only when their taste, quality and aroma are at the best. This is attentive and very selective process, because the main aim is to serve only valuable dishes.

For example Norwegian Arctic Cod is available only for few months during the spring and will be also available in restaurant menu. Every year between January and April the northern coastline comes alive as millions of large fish undertake their annual journey from the Barents Sea back to their spawning grounds that surround Norway’s Lofoten and Vesterålen islands. It is the only time when it is most valuable, and we are getting it fresh delivered on ice.

Due to the fact that Latvia is rich with waters, Chef serves also some very extraordinary fishes like Latvian pike perch. It is one of the most valuable local fish. On plates available in fresh or cooked servings. Fabulous sturgeon and black caviar for our restaurant comes from a local farm. It is only pure product without any preservatives. Meanwhile one of the servings cooked on our Josper grill will be Scotch beef, special beef breeds with naturally suckled calves. Synonymous with luxury as caviar or black truffles will be also Wagyu steaks - transcendentally tender, fatty and umami-rich.

All the rich dishes are served with local vegetables and greens from local farms keeping their best aromas and freshness.


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